Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils
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AVITA bleach - 5 liters

AVITA bleach with its formula limits the smell of bleach on the hands.The use of AVITA bleach elim..

2,500FCFA Ex Tax: 2,500FCFA

AVITA Liquid Soap

The great cooks are not only experts in cooking. They told us their secret to clean the grease and..

1,300FCFA Ex Tax: 1,300FCFA

AVITA Shower Gel - Grapefruit extract and honey

The grapefruit & honey shower gel gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Light and easy to ..

1,600FCFA Ex Tax: 1,600FCFA

DAYA Chest Freezer DY-250 Fridge Frigo 200 Liters

1 basket, drain plug.  Energy efficiency class A +.  Climate Type: 1 Rated voltage: 220..

145,000FCFA Ex Tax: 145,000FCFA

DAYA Chest Freezer DY-300 Fridge Frigo 250 Liters

1 basket, drain plug.Energy efficiency class A +.Climate type: 1Rated voltage: 220-240VRated frequen..

160,000FCFA Ex Tax: 160,000FCFA

DAYA Chest Freezer DY-350 Frige Frigo 300 Liters

1 basket, drain plug.  Energy efficiency class A +.  Climate Type: 1 Rated voltage: 220..

175,000FCFA Ex Tax: 175,000FCFA

Eau de javel BIO NET - 1 Litre

Discover the effectiveness of BIO NET bleach A more powerful bleach scented and effective again..

600FCFA Ex Tax: 600FCFA

Liza Clean - Bleach - 5 liters

Disinfects: Bleach Liza Clean kills 100% of microbes, viruses and bacteria. To date, no microbial ..

2,500FCFA Ex Tax: 2,500FCFA

Liza Clean - dish washer - 1 liter

Dishwashing liquid hand super degreaser Perfect shine The tip of the cooks for a perfect dish! ..

1,100FCFA Ex Tax: 1,100FCFA

Liza Clean - Lavender hand washer In Stock

Liza Clean - Lavender hand washer

Authentic & naturally sourced: Extra Pure Lavender Soap Liza clean soap is a real liquid soap..

1,200FCFA Ex Tax: 1,200FCFA

Liza Clean - Lavender window washer

antilime cleaner household product multipurpose cleaner ..

1,200FCFA Ex Tax: 1,200FCFA

Liza Clean - rustproof - 200 ml

Anti rust treatment Ferrous metal processing, garden furniture, gates, grilles, appliances ... A..

1,500FCFA Ex Tax: 1,500FCFA

Liza white vinegar - 1 liter

Indispensable "all in one": Cleans, descales, detaches, degreases and shines Concentrat..

400FCFA Ex Tax: 400FCFA

PEPPER Oil - AVITA Heart Foods

PEPPER Oil - AVITA Foods  Hot pepper oil is one of the active components of pepper and is ..

1,350FCFA Ex Tax: 1,350FCFA

Savon liquide BIONET - 1 litre

BIO NET ecological liquid soap is a product developed to wash all dishes by hand. Removes dirt and..

1,000FCFA Ex Tax: 1,000FCFA