Tables and Chairs Rental

Tables and Chairs Rental

Our tables are 63 m in length and can accommodate 10 chairs comfortably.

Our Rentals are calculated on a Daily Basis. Our Tables comes with Cover with the color of your choice

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  • Tables 10-Seats This is one of the largest tables we rent and is absolutely perfect for those occasions where maximum surface space is needed. At 8ft in length it can easily seat 10 people in comfort. However, this table is not just large it is also incredibly strong and robust, the top itself is made from a high density plastic which is both durable and easy to clean. This is supported by an industrial strength, powder coated steel frame. To make the folding table easier to transport it comes complete with a carry handle, this allows it to be moved from place to place as comfortable as possible. This folding table really is a as versatile as they come, it can be used for a wide range of occasions such as parties, trade shows, hall events , weddings and many, many more. High Quality and Tough: Quality is absolutely essential to our business and we take it very seriously. We use only the highest quality materials available and we are constantly making adjustments to make sure that our products are never behind the trend curve. Drop Lock Hinges: Another added benefit of our folding tables is that they all come with drop lock hinges, these are small steel rings that drop down the A frame of the legs to provide additional support. Rounded Edges and Recessed metal frame: As our folding tables are so versatile there is a good chance that they will be used on occasions where children will be present. To make sure they are safe as possible they come with rounded edges on the table tops and the frames are inserted into plastic moulding to keep them out of harm’s way. High Strength steel locking pins: The strength and integrity of a table is of paramount importance when deciding on your rental. To make your life easier we make sure that all fold in half tables come with steel locking pins. This is a far more robust and reliable solution then the clip or level locks that many alternatives have. User Friendly: No tools or assembly required. Easily Stored: The beauty of a folding table is that they are easily stored, once finished hey can simply be folded up into their carry case and placed away. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: As this 8ft folding table is such a handy size it would be perfect for many occasions, this means it will undoubtedly be used outside as well as inside. This is no problem as the high quality materials used in making all of our folding tables are able to be used outside. Plastic Feet: There is nothing worse than clearing away your folding table after an event and finding that your nice floor has been damaged by the legs. This will not be the case with ours as they all come with plastic feet on the bottom as protection against such an event.

    Our stacking banquet chairs offer a practical and stylish solution to your seating needs. The frame is made of high quality aluminium which offers to benefits of being very strong and incredibly lightweight, two features that our customers are always in need of. The second crucial component of a stacking chair is of course the seating section, this has been designed to be as comfortable as possible whilst using the most durable material possible at this price range. All of this adds together to give a genuinely high quality banquet chair which is both attractive and versatile. This versatility comes from the luxurious design of our stacking chair, it is just as at home in a small village hall as it is in a grand hotel and can be used during the smallest of gatherings right up to large celebrations and events. And banquet chairs you have a great range of colours so you can coordinate your chairs with your occasion. Another key benefit of our banquet chairs is how portable they are, this is down to the unique design which allows them to be stacked up to 15 high when in storage and up to 10 high when carried. And just to top off how fantastic these stacking chairs are, they require absolutely no assembly, they come completely ready to use.

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