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Eko Market Hub (EMH) is the most ambitious online mall in Cameroon. We launched in April 2017 and our mission is to become the reference in term of market place in Central Africa. Indeed, we are the latest one stop online shopping mall that connects customers to variety of quality products at competitive prices, in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Uncover endless selections and shocking deals from Fashion, Electronics, Arts, Home & Living, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Kids & Baby, Grocery, Services & Books including deal offerings like E-vouchers. EMH is an open marketplace operated by Africa Venture Group – a startup seeded by Africa Venture Lab LLC. Eko Market Hub is a reliable and revolutionary e-commerce platform.

Our Story

Once upon a time, in a country located at the heart of Africa, there was a place called Eko Market. Eko Market was a place not only that appeals to the local community but also to the tourists. Everything was sold in this market ranging from household’s goods, fashion accessories to electronics and construction materials. The overall feel of the market and the crowd represented the life of the vibrant people living in this community quite well.

Life was good, things were easy! Till many challenges start arising: economic recessions, buying power decreasing, foreign competition rising (Chinese penetration), hectic pace of life, Borders got wide opened (Accords APE) putting Eko Market near to death.

Then started a new trend! The digital economy arises. EkoMarket was re-born, this time as a hub, stronger and confident than before, giving back to the community his strength and getting in line with the world trend!

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  • 573 Rue Sylvani, Opposite Maison du Bois, Akwa, Douala-Cameroon, BP : 7204

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent online platform for businesses to sell products and services on. My experience with Eko Market Hub has been great. I have increased my customer base and my sales have increase 300%. Having my store listed on here has made my business a success. I recommend Eko Market Hub to anyone looking to buy or sell their products online . . . . simply excellent service!
Bill N

Bill N

Electronics Store Owner
I love the vast selection of products from local merchants here in Cameroon. Being able to stay home and shop online from vendors in Yaounde and Douala saves me time and money. I also like the shop abroad feature that allows me to order products from other major retailer websites in the USA and have Eko Market Hub handle all the logistics for delivery right to my door.
Kenya Okotie-Eboh

Kenya Okotie-Eboh

Happy Customer
My personal experience with Eko Market Hub has been fantastic. Im a fairly busy person, always on the go. I really like the ease and convenience of having the mobile app on my phone and knowing that im just a tap away from getting whatever I need for my family. Ordering is easy, delivery is fast, and the prices are fair. Keep up the good work guys.
Canisius Yella

Canisius Yella

Mobile App Customer


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