Vapor Ozone Steamer

--7%  Vapor Ozone Steamer

Facial steamer
  The basic concept of this machine is that it uses electronic heat to boil water for producing steam. And then it uses the
  ultraviolet lamp to decontaminate the steam. Finally it passes the sterilized steam to skin where needs to be cared. The
  special feature of this machine is that it has an aromatic oil container for beautician to operate easily and conveniently.  
  Its smooth and beautiful shape, high-tech parts, flat tube can be turned in all degrees, arm can be turned up and down
  at 80 degrees, aromatic oil container 
 Facial steamer Features
 1) Ozone Sterilizer 
 2) Stimulates Blood Circulation 
 3) Keeping the skin white and tender 
 4) Activating genes and renewing water in skin 
 5) Regenerating protein, making skin tender and smooth 
 6) Softening cutin layer, making skin absorb much nutrition 
 7) Killing bacteria in the skin 
 8) CE approved 
 9) OEM and ODM orders welcomed

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