Aura Energy Stone

Aura Energy Stone


Product Description   Features and functions: Look aura energy stone is rich in energy and a lot of microcrystalline ion, contains large amounts of trace elements mainly germanium, By high temperature burn and become, the release of wavelength and body temperature (36 ~ 37) body waves coincide, negative ions and yu stone was released by the skin easily breathes in the body, and positive ions discomfort and fatigue created in the body, so as to regulate the body potential balance, relieve fatigue , promote sleep calm nerves, speed up blood circulation and other effects.   Product Features: 1, wish aura energy stone can promote blood supply of oxygen, relieve various symptoms due to lack of oxygen caused by the body. 2, wish aura energy stone can relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, make the body more dynamic. 3, wish will have stone energy help to activate cells, increase defense of human disease. 4, wish aura energy stone can promote blood circulation, speed up the new one replaces the old one, rid the body of waste cells. 5, wish aura energy stone can regulate the field of human energy, help adjust the body. 6. Waves of energy release amount of electromagnetic wave stone forms a protective wall from the outside harmful to the human body, Effectively reducing the damage of harmful substances on the human body.

Description Applicable to the crowd: 1 computer, mobile phone radiation often under threat to populations; 2 low immunity, easy to cold, fatigue, often feel cold hands and feet of people; 3 work and pressure study, mental tension, easy to forget the crowd; 4 sickly, pay attention to health care of the elderly; 5 excessive drinking and smoking, lack of exercise and healthy people; 6 irregular habits, often stay until the end, quality sleep is bad people; 7 hypertension, high blood fat, blood sugar patients. Note The wear and tear process of Tiens will have energy stone, Due to the release of negative ions continued to be absorbed by the human body, so that the circulation of blood to accelerate, some people may feel discomfort, heavy light head, dizziness, oppressed chest etc. The most obvious is that people feel positive and negative ions in their body and more severe, When neutralizing Cation ions and humans yu Shi press excess amount, individual physical differences, makes these people obviously feel more uncomfortable symptoms. If discomfort, can put the Tiens aura energy stone has been removed, and in place of each first wearing a few minutes, and a few days or weeks after gradually longer use time, the body gradually adapt to , will not be obvious discomfort; in addition, also can put the stone has been put in yu clothing pocket slowly adaptation, Weeks and then try to worn on the chest, Strange feeling will gradually disappear.
Usage Method of use 1 Tiens aura stone energy Has been worn on the chest or carry, physical protection of the negative ion barrier to form more effective; 2 wear every day not less than four hours, as well as the amount of Yu stone play the best efficiency. 3 wear process, every morning and evening to drink at least two cups of water, is conducive to the discharge of toxic harmful waste, improve blood circulation.

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