iens ( Tianshi ) herbal toothpaste spearmint mint Tiens health products ( with a toothbrush )

Specifications : 135g / support

Ingredients: sorbitol, water, glycerol , silica, calcium nitrate , sodium lauryl sulfate esters, spearmint flavor, yellow gelatin , grass coral extract gold and silver Hatti take liquid , wild chrysanthemum extract, cellulose gum , menthol , etc. .

Product Features :

1 follows the classic spearmint mint flavor , taste cool and comfortable , away from the tone of annoyance ;

2 selection of coconut oil as raw material foam, foam rich and delicate , strong detergency ;

3 Austrian music brightening ingredients friction strong , frequent use of long-lasting whitening effectively remove plaque without damaging the enamel ;

4 kinds of plant extract, can be directly absorbed by the oral tissues , the elimination of periodontitis, gingivitis, pharyngitis , bleeding and pain have strange effects.

5 product comes within a beautiful Austrian music toothbrush , scientific design fit tooth contour brush to help keep your oral health !

Can be effective in preventing tooth decay , mouth ulcers, safety antibacterial, eliminate mouth odor ; reduce the breeding of bacteria and plaque , comprehensive care teeth, gums ; using high-grade soft abrasive, natural glazed white teeth , whitening scouring effect ; let us no fluorine mouth healthy adults , the whole family to share more at ease.

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