FOS Syrup

FOS Syrup

Fructooligosaccharides (contained in FOS syrup), a naturally occurring carbohydrate found in very low concentration levels in natural foods like beets, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, bananas. FOS, when consumed daily, promotes the growth of “friendly bacteria” in the intestinal tract. These bacteria, in turn, maintain intestinal health and fight off “bad bacteria” such as E. coli, Clostridium and salmonella. FOS has the same sweet taste and texture of commonly used sugar with sweetening ability around half of that of sugar but has only around 10 per cent of calories.
Although FOS is only now assuming increasingly popularity in the West, it has been used as a dietary supplement in Japan for many years. The Japanese take these friendly bacteria very seriously and they enjoy widespread acceptance in Japan as a food additive and “functional” health-promoting food.
FOS from FOS syrup is a super nutrient which does more than rebuilding intestinal flora.
FOS stimulates the production of short-chain fatty acids, particularly butyrate, the ‘fuel’ of the colon. By increasing butyrate levels from intestinal fermentation, FOS helps maintain a healthy intestinal mucous membrane. This also has a tendency to reduce the colon’s pH, which is linked to the production of short chain fatty acids. This decrease in pH helps maintain the colon in a healthy state.
Apart from being a food for bacteria, since it is not digestible, FOS is also a soluble fiber that draws water into the colon and prevents constipation. Improving the health of the friendly bacteria also improves our digestive health that also promotes regularity.

Description Strengthens Immune System; Improves Calcium and Magnesium Absorption; Lowers Cholesterol; Promotes Healthy Skin. Recommendation Digestive problems; Malnutrition; If looking to lose weight; If feeling weak/tired.
Usage Dosage One to two sachets of FOS syrup a day (10 ml each) for adults. Note: Due to the normal adjustment process this product may initially cause discomfort in the abdomen. The body returns to normal after regular consumption of the product when the intestine is cleansed and becomes healthier and refreshed.

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