For years Kate White lived as a good girl - a rule follower, a people pleaser, a busy beaver - until she was passed over for the job of editor-in-chief of a magazine she had been running for months. She finally realized that being gutsy, not good, was the only way to succeed. And did she ever! Kate went on to create a bold new editorial position at one magazine, she accepted the top spot at another when she was seven months pregnant, and she became editor-in-chief at McCall's magazine as a working mother who intended to spend time with her kids. Today she is the editor-in-chief of Redbook, one of the hottest magazines in the country. Now Kate White tells you how she changed her style and self-image - and gives you specific, straight-from-the-shoulder advice about how to put your life in high gear and make your own career dreams come true. Based on how the real world works, her nine-step program shows you how to get ahead and get what you want. Beginning with a revealing self-test for you to determine how good, or gutsy, you are right now, White reveals the nine strategies every career woman must know, while she shares the inside stories of how other gutsy women - like Revlon's Andrea Robinson, television host Nancy Glass, renowned decorator Alexandra Stoddard, Easy Spirit shoe exec Claire Brinker, and former Reagan media advisor Merrie Spaeth - became stars in their fields.

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