Generalia Automobile Insurance Quote

Generalia Automobile Insurance Quote

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We will get some basic information from you and then according to the information provided, our partner GENERALIA ASSURANCES will send you different quotations from top insurances companies with various coverage options.


Our agreement with GENERALIA ASSURANCES includes providing you with the best insurance contract policy, relevant insurance advice and helping you to have the best prices. GENERALIA ASSURANCES will finalize your policy and EKO MARKET HUB will deliver your documents usually within 24 hours.



What Is Covered by a Basic Auto Insurance Policy?

Your auto policy may include six coverages. Each coverage is priced separately and varies among agencies.

1. Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage applies to injuries that you, the designated driver or policyholder, cause to someone else. You and family members listed on the policy are also covered when driving someone else’s car with their permission.

It’s very important to have enough liability insurance, because if you are involved in a serious accident, you may be sued for a large sum of money. Definitely consider buying more than the state-required minimum to protect assets such as your home and savings.

2. Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This coverage pays for the treatment of injuries to the driver and passengers of the policyholder's car. At its broadest, PIP can cover medical payments, lost wages and the cost of replacing services normally performed by someone injured in an auto accident. It may also cover funeral costs.

3. Property Damage Liability

This coverage pays for damage you (or someone driving the car with your permission) may cause to someone else's property. Usually, this means damage to someone else’s car, but it also includes damage to lamp posts, telephone poles, fences, buildings or other structures your car hit.

4. Collision

This coverage pays for damage to your car resulting from a collision with another car, object or as a result of flipping over. It also covers damage caused by potholes. Collision coverage is generally sold with a deductible of  100.000 - 500.000—the higher your deductible, the lower your premium. Even if you are at fault for the accident, your collision coverage will reimburse you for the costs of repairing your car, minus the deductible. If you're not at fault, your insurance company may try to recover the amount they paid you from the other driver’s insurance company. If they are successful, you'll also be reimbursed for the deductible.

5. Comprehensive

This coverage reimburses you for loss due to theft or damage caused by something other than a collision with another car or object, such as fire, falling objects, missiles, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hail, flood, vandalism, riot, or contact with animals such as birds or deer.

Comprehensive insurance is usually sold with a 25.000 to 150.000 deductible, though you may want to opt for a higher deductible as a way of lowering your premium.

Comprehensive insurance will also reimburse you if your windshield is cracked or shattered. Some companies offer glass coverage with or without a deductible.

6. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage will reimburse you, a member of your family, or a designated driver if one of you is hit by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver.

Underinsured motorist coverage comes into play when an at-fault driver has insufficient insurance to pay for your total loss. This coverage will also protect you if you are hit as a pedestrian.



*The Eko Market Hub Insurance Quote service is an educational tool to help you learn about insurance coverage and the various factors you may want to consider when selecting your limits and deductibles. The information provided is not intended to recommend specific insurance coverage, as it is up to you to evaluate and choose the coverage and limits that most accurately protect you and your property. The coverage options displayed in the Coverage quotation are general in nature and may not be available for all persons, in all locations, or in all situations. Please also note that this tool does not present every coverage option available for each person and situation. Eko Market Hub does not warrant the suitability of any coverage amounts that you select.  Please contact Generalia Insurance at +237 693 60 00 60 for more detailed information.

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