Logone Rice Nouria - White rice Naturally flavored 25kg

Logone Rice Nouria - White rice Naturally flavored 25kg

Varietal purity ratiomm: 100% varietal purity. It is natural without any mixture (devoid of any synthetic or plastic foreign matter). It is a carefully selected variety.
Residual pesticide rate 0% pesticide
Aflatoxin 0% aflatoxin which is a high carcinogenic toxin present in the old stocks of rice
Stock duration Recent harvest (- 3 months) with all its freshness, nutrients and organoleptic qualities
Taste Gouteux, brilliant and friable because of a significant content in amyloidosis; because it is natural, transplanted by hand and slowly dried in the sun
Aroma / fragrance Naturally fragrant. the deposit of alluvium of the Logone River gives it its flavor and its particular aroma. After cooking, the fragrance remains.
Bio additive without chemical additives
Best price and competitive price
Provenance 100% Cameroonian rice.
It has complete traceability, from the rice field to the plate of the final consumer.
The consumer identifies with this product, consuming it participates in the development of Cameroon

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