Histoires extraordinaires

 Histoires extraordinaires
The faculties of the mind that are defined by the term analytics are in themselves highly unlikely
analysis. We only appreciate them by their results. What we know, among other things, is
that they are for the one who possesses them to an extraordinary degree a source of the most vivid enjoyments. Of
even as the strong man rejoices in his physical fitness, delights in the exercises that provoke
the muscles to action, so the analysis takes its glory in this spiritual activity whose function is to
manage. He derives pleasure even from the most trivial occasions that put his talents at stake. He loves
riddles, riddles, hieroglyphs; it deploys in each of the solutions a power of insight
which, in vulgar opinion, takes on a supernatural character. The results, skillfully deduced by the soul itself
and the essence of his method, really look like an intuition.

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