Shea butter with coconut extracts by HABIBA NATURAL CARE

Shea butter with coconut extracts by HABIBA NATURAL CARE
Balm of care or massage nourishing and regenerating.

This synergy of shea butter and organic coconut oil is perfect for skin and hair care. Melting texture for smooth massage.


    nourishing and regenerating
    protects the skin against external aggression
    emollient (soothes the skin) and soothing
    suitable for all skin types: mature, devitalized, dry, sensitive, irritated and dull skin
    Dry and dull hair: The day before shampooing, smear the hair and especially the tips with a big knob of butter. Wrap the hair in a warm towel. Leave ideally all night long.
    Skin care: Apply a small amount of butter on clean skin, massage to penetrate well. Remove any surplus with a tissue paper.
    Massage balm: Apply on the skin and massage.
    Aromatherapy treatments: You can also use this butter as a support to dilute and apply the essential oils: Melt the butter in a bain-marie (it melts at about 30 ° C), add the recommended essential oil (s), mix them well , let cool.

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