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About Us

About Us

Our Story:

Once upon a time, in a country located at the heart of Africa, there was a place called Eko Market. Eko Market was a place not only that appeals to the local community but also to the tourists. Everything was sold in this market ranging from household’s goods, fashion accessories to electronics and construction materials. The overall feel of the market and the crowd represented the life of the vibrant people living in this community quite well.

Life was good, things were easy! Till many challenges start arising: economic recessions, buying power decreasing, foreign competition rising, hectic pace of life, Borders got wide opened putting Eko Market near to death.

Then started a new trend! The digital economy arises. EkoMarket was re-born, this time as a hub, stronger and confident than before, giving back to the community his strength and getting in line with the world trend!

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Company Overview:

Eko Market Hub is the most ambitious online mall in Cameroon. We launched in April 2017 and our mission is to become the reference in term of the market place in Central Africa.

We serve a various niche of customers that continue to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including, Phones, Electronics, Clothing, Appliances, Construction Materials, Books, Services, Personal Care and much more.

Our services range are designed to ensure a greater customer satisfaction and unique online experience. These services include:

  •     Lowest Price guarantee
  •     Payment convenience
  •     Dedicated and professional Customer service
  •     1-Week free return policy* (available in selected Area)
  •     Order delivery Tracking
  •     Reviews, Surveys and Verifications
  •     SME assistance and much more.

As we continue to improve and grow the mall size, we are going to remain agile, simple and customer focused. Join us today and let’s share a win-win benefit.

Whether you are in Cameroon, Central Africa or Diaspora, we are committed to finding innovative ways of improving your overall experience with us. So, give us some feedbacks at help@ekomarkethub.com . For any press and related questions, kindly send us an email at Hello@ekomarkethub.com

Thank you and we hope you will be part of us!

Culture & Values:

-          Mission

Eko Market Hub Mission is to work to improve the life of our customers: Shoppers, Sellers, Artists, Developers in Central Africa. We seek to make a greater contribution in Central Africa by creating innovative products, by transforming evidence into successful business opportunities, by exploiting niche while improving the life of our customers and helping them to enrich themselves.

-          Vision

1.       To be in the top tier of pioneers in the African Digital Economy.

2.       To be a company that Employees, Customers, and Society are proud of and depend on.

3.       To Provide Undergraduates and Postgraduates opportunity to showcase their skills in real life.

-          12 Things we know to be true

1.       In Highly dynamic business environments, fast responsiveness is a necessity.

At EKO MARKET HUB, we aim to do it today and not tomorrow because we know your time is valuable. 

We put the wants and needs of others before our own. We actively look for both big and little ways to

provide welcome surprises.

2.       We keep a forward-looking mindset.

Instead of asking or worrying about who did what and who is to blame, we focus on how we can fix this, what do we do now.

3.      Customer-Centricity, Fast Responsiveness, Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration are now key areas of competitive advantage.

We build our competitive advantage around these four pillars and we live by that. We don’t have a business without our customers.

4.       You can climb a hill or a small mountain by yourself, but you cannot climb Mount Everest on your own – You need a Team for that.

We believe in the power of teamwork which is enhanced by collaboration.

5.       Life rewards action. Make careful decisions and then pull the trigger.

We believe in trying Big things. We strive to create a healthy balance between our work lives and our personal lives.

6.       You can make money without doing bad things.

Eko Market Hub is a business. The revenue we generate is derived from fees and commissions paid by sellers, advertisers and other by-products on EMH.

7.       Goals give you a sense of meaning & purpose.

We are not afraid of thinking big and be big! We set so high goals that we know we won’t reach them, but it helps us to stretch ourselves and to go beyond our own limits. By so doing, we exceed your expectation and never stop improving.

8.       How will I be remembered?

Without being cynical, we distinguish ourselves wherever we are by taking on a challenging project, leading an initiative that improves a pain point across the organization or the society, developing a new idea or a new way of working, by being consistently positive, reliable and action focused.

9.       People want something for nothing

We believe in intelligent hard work and we really work hard not only to serve our customers but also to improve ourselves every day. No Pain, No Gain!

We are blessed. We love what we do, so that means we have a lot of fun at work. We want our enthusiasm to be contagious!

10.   Never Judge

It’s very difficult to judge because we should always remember that we do not always have all the facts and that our viewpoints may be distorted or limited. Also, never let someone appearance fool you because he can be serious even without a suit.

11. Be Humble

We welcome accountability and feedback. We value the knowledge and experience of others. We will

never let our success get the better of us.

12. Embrace Entrepreneurship

We imagine what “could be” and then build it. We view obstacles as opportunities.

We are people of action. We work tirelessly until the job is done on time, exactly as promised.