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Once Upon a Time... Eko Market Hub

Once Upon a Time... Eko Market Hub

Posted by kounga 21/01/2017 1 Comment(s)

As the first article on Eko Market Hub blog, we would like to share with you our thought process in creating it. Imagine a place where you can easily find everything you need… think about it! Is this even possible? Well, if you are like most people you will say: “no, that’s a joke, it’s not possible…” Yes, it seems impossible but that’s our personal goal at Eko Market Hub, i.e to bring you 3 years from now almost everything you need or may want. It’s not an easy goal but we have the assurance that we can do it! This will be surely with your help and you will reap along many benefits.

Are you an entrepreneur, a householder, an employee, a student, a jobless, a public worker, a business owner, a skillful person, a curious mind... Join us today and uncover the benefits of a vibrant and dynamic community.


The Eko Market Hub Team

1 Comment(s)

11/09/2017, 10:41:50 AM

Il est vrai que le secteur du E-Commerce est en plein expansion chez nous au Cameroun, avec l’avancée technologique et les défis a réaliser dans le cadre de la mondialisation, je crois fermement au fait que EkoMarketHub est un mastodonte qui va révolutionner ce concept en restant 100% Camerounais.

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