Sharing Hidden Know-How

 Sharing Hidden Know-How

Capturing, sharing, and curating knowledge – the elements of knowledge management (KM) – have become key activities for organizational success in this age of superabundant information. KM as a field has been the topic of endless books, seminars, keynotes, and academic discussions in the last twenty years or longer. Yet we don’t have a workable, systematic way to approach actually ­getting the job done.


Kate Pugh, in Sharing Hidden Knowledge: How Managers Solve Thorny Problems With the Knowledge Jam, attempts to provide such a system. She takes up the question, “If KM is ‘levering knowledge for business value,’ what is holding us back?” Her answer is knowledge blind spots, knowledge mismatches, and knowledge jails (formats, locations, or associations that make knowledge invisible or inaccessible to knowledge seekers). Her solution is the Knowledge Jam.

Description Pugh, Katrina B. (2011) Sharing Hidden Know-How: How Managers Solve Thorny Problems With The Knowledge Jam. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 248 pages. ISBN 978-0-470-87681-7.

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