100 Ways to Motivate Others

100 Ways to Motivate Others

Whenever I see a book that uses a list format I usually avoid it at all costs While 10 Methods   25 Steps  or in this case  100 Ways are emotionally satisfying numbers and titles  the larger lists are often padded with variations on a central idea  Even worse is when you sense that some clear omissions have been made

I really do enjoy the writing in this book  and that many of the ideas here are consistent to the values and ideas of Steve Chandler s earlier works  This book reads like an extended brainstorm session with simply worded maxims followed by a brief explanation and a real world example  Many of the concepts here aren t new to voracious self help and leadership readers  but Chandler is successful in putting his own proprietary spin on familiar ideas  How and if these 100 ways relate to your working situation depends on your own ability to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses and to make peripheral connections between the words on the page and your own experiences  There s a good chance you are doing some of these steps without realizing it  and a good chance that a few of these will need some  adjustment  before becoming a part of your leadership practices.

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