Good Boss Bad Boss

Good Boss Bad Boss

The binary title could make the worst worry. Here is actually a book much finer than it appears. Because he has received numerous testimonials since his best-seller, Zero-Sale-Con, the author relies on real examples to identify and model what differentiates good bosses from bad ones.
For example, the bad boss quickly forgets that he is constantly observed and imitated by his collaborators. Its behavioral relaxation ends up rubbing off the entire managerial line. Conversely, the good boss is constantly aware of this magnifying effect and strives to be exemplary even in the way he manages his mistakes. Thanks to a direct and caustic style, the author succeeds in sending out difficult messages, for example on the need for managerial courage and the ability to make delicate or unpopular decisions quickly. Its advice takes into account the reality of companies: they are concrete and easily applicable. Any reader who wishes to take a step back on his management practice will probably find some useful courses of action and recommendations. However, it is useless to offer it to a bad boss hoping to make it change: the author has found that they rarely realize their faults!

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