McGraw-Hill - Principles of Corporate Finance

McGraw-Hill - Principles of Corporate Finance

This is by no means a good introduction book to finance which is why I bought it. Granted my review is ten years late, it may serve well to warn about future editions. I have a shallow understanding of a broad amount of business topics and have taken the requisite accounting and economics classes in your typical undergrad but from the very beginning this book is discouraging. I will also say that I'm trying to read it plainly without engaging in any of the math and formulas presented. Even so, it is some math that should be able to be glanced at and understood easily but is not. Terms are given brief explanations and loosely defined then used liberally throughout. A total mess and should be avoided if it is even among the tenth book on general finance you've read so far. I will credit it that it is dense and that is why I bought it because since it is an older edition it is selling a vault of information at a steeply discounted price yet what's the value if you spend hours reading it only to end up scratching your head in confusion, frustration, and disappointment?

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