quest-ce que la politique

 quest-ce que la politique

What is politics?
Philosophy and theology speak of man, of man in general. Whether there is one man, or thousands, what they say about man remains valid. The same goes for the scientific approaches of man: in biology and psychology, man is studied, just as in zoology there is only the lion or the monkey.

It is different in politics. Politics is based on the multiplicity of men. It deals with the community and the reciprocity of different beings.
In appearance, she never reaches the depths of philosophy and theology. And yet, politics, this intermediate space where freedom is played out, where free men act, can become the very place of human depth.
A pupil of Heidegger and Jaspers, she exiled to the United States in 1941. She taught philosophy and political science in the most prestigious universities.
Text prepared by Ursula Ludz
Translation from German and preface by Sylvie Courtine-Denamy

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