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Hewlett-Packard LP3065

Stop your co-workers in their tracks with the stunning new 30-inch diagonal HP LP3065 Flat Panel Mon..

894,375FCFA Ex Tax: 750,000FCFA


Intel Core 2 Duo processor Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at speeds up to 2.16GHz, the ..

875,000FCFA Ex Tax: 875,000FCFA

MacBook Pro

Latest Intel mobile architecture Powered by the most advanced mobile processors from Intel, the n..

1,150,000FCFA Ex Tax: 1,150,000FCFA


Unprecedented power. The next generation of processing technology has arrived. Built into the new..

775,125FCFA Ex Tax: 650,000FCFA

 HP 11.6 Spectrum Laptop Sleeve - Red Best for PB Laptop -20%

HP 11.6 Spectrum Laptop Sleeve - Red Best for PB Laptop

Quick top-loading access with a streamlined design with essential coverage A layer of padded protec..

10,000FCFA 8,000FCFA Ex Tax: 8,000FCFA

Dell Latitude E6410 Core i7

Designed to increase productivity while reducing total cost of ownership, the Dell™ Latitude&t..

350,000FCFA Ex Tax: 350,000FCFA

Dell XPS 13.3 pouce QHD Laptop Core i5 Intel HD Graphics

This is a Fairly used Laptop!!! Please Check the Brand new price before inquiry.The XPS 13 cleverly ..

325,000FCFA Ex Tax: 325,000FCFA

Delsey Quarter Backpack Laptop Bag

The QUARTERBACK + bags collection was designed for men who consider light weight and convenience a t..

25,000FCFA Ex Tax: 25,000FCFA

HP 6005 Pro Small Form Factor Desktop PC -32% Out Of Stock

Magnetic cable and Sync

Magnetic cable and Sync ..

4,950FCFA Ex Tax: 4,950FCFA

Patriot 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Viper 3 Dual Memory -17%

Patriot 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Viper 3 Dual Memory

•    Plug and PlayPlug and play compatible for fully automated, hassle free inst..

83,988FCFA 70,000FCFA Ex Tax: 70,000FCFA