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Company Product Line: Eko Market Hub

Contact: Customer Service Beta Team

Contact No.: +237 699919990 / +1 832 9976205

Address: 573 Rue Syvani, Opposite Maison du Bois, Douala-Akwa, Cameroon


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EKO Market Hub Now Launched as a Marketplace for the Cameroon Market, Europe and America Cameroonian Diaspora

The EKO Market Hub has now been launched as a marketplace for Cameroon Market, Europe and America Cameroonian Diaspora.

The aim of the online marketplace is to increase the awareness of customers to a wide variety of quality products sold at competitive prices.

Being a secure and trustworthy environment, sellers and buyers from Cameroon Market, Europe and America will be connected. The shocking deals and huge selections of electronics, fashion, home and living, sports and leisure, kids and baby, services and books, grocery and e-vouchers are also found from the site. The items could also range from fashion accessories, household goods, construction materials and electronics.

Actually, the marketplace is under the operation of Africa Venture Group. it was before a startup that is founded by none other than Africa Venture Lab LLC. The crowd and the overall feel of the online market also represent the lives of vibrant people living in the community. This is a revolutionary and reliable e-commerce platform that is also designed to be more confident and stronger hub than ever.

Launched in the month of February 2017, Eko Market operates in its core mission of becoming a part of the digital economy and the new trend. Giving back to the community is its main objective. Its dedicated and professional staffs strongly focus on serving the niche of customers that grow exponentially. The products can range in different categories like clothing, electronics, phones, construction materials, services, books, personal care and a whole lot more.

The services are also available in the lowest price guarantee, payment convenience, professional and dedicated customer service, one-week free return policy, order delivery tracking, surveys, verifications and reviews, SME assistance and a whole lot more.

The goal is also to improve and to become more focused on valued customers. Clients also benefit from a win-win situation. For those clients in Central Africa, Diaspora and Cameroon, they could expect for a more fulfilling and more improved experience. The marketplace is also open more for feedbacks and other related questions.

The lives of customers are most importantly enhanced including those artists, sellers, shoppers, developers in Central Africa. They contribute more in Central Africa by way of creating only the most innovative products and transformation of evidences. They also exploit niche while they make way to improve the lives of customers.

Also, a part of their vision is to remain on the top tier of pioneers in the Digital Economy in Africa and to be a company that customers, employees and society could rely on. The knowledge sharing, collaboration, fast responsiveness and customer-centricity are also significant areas of the company that makes it more competitive and more advantageous. Competitive advantage is also built around the four pillars. The teamwork is also the power of the company that is also enhanced by way of collaboration.

Aligned in their existence are the goals that give them a sense of purpose and meaning. High goals are also set and are reached that help them stretch themselves. They are thereby going beyond the limits and are exceeding the expectations of clients around. They never stop improving and they are taking on this challenging project. They are also after developing a new way of working or a new idea by staying action focused, reliable and positive.

As per the standard timeline of delivery, it could be in between two to six business days. From the moment that the order of customers is dispatched from the warehouse, an email will be received that confirms the package is on the way. They will be contacted via telephone through the dispatch personnel on that day of delivery. The purpose of which is to confirm the availability of the buyer.

Only an easy and convenient delivery service is offered to clients to their offices or homes. Pick up in the showroom is also provided as a feature that lets them enjoy zero shipment fees backed by a three percent discount payable in cash during the pickup.

Nevertheless, a re-delivery will be scheduled in just two days and three delivery attempts will result to an order that is cancelled. An e-mail is also received once the order has been confirmed. Another e-mail is also received upon the order shipped. Delivery of multiple items on a separate basis is possible for a timely delivery. The customer service team is also willing to answer all queries and questions of clients.

It is expected that more people from Europe, America Cameroonian and Diaspora will patronize the EKO Market Hub for its number one shopping experience brought to them.

If you are interested to know more about the marketplace, feel free to visit this link