African wapati paint instrument

-68% African wapati paint instrument

Table The African tradition, as well as the entire Africa collection, is a fine example of the decoration of the 21st century - decoration rooted in traditional motifs but at the same time well suited to modern design.

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Jehpte Wapati is a young Congolese artist, who traveled across Africa and USA, self-taught since early age and still learning different forms of art.. He majors mainly in quick sketches, fine sketches, sand paint, partly painting. His art is an expression of explorations of various kinds of different art and to use the experience to create a new environment for art in terms African origin.

He has an itch to create, which means that he always find himself experimenting a lot with different mediums and techniques. He believes that having a range of original and new ideas and concepts, basically doing a range of art forms, are conducive for growth as an artist... constantly moving, constantly growing.

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