Yellow Taxis Review

Public transport within the cities is handled by taxis. Most of them are yellow and they dominate the traffic in the cities. Sometimes you get the impression that the majority of the cars are taxis.

There are different systems:

Taxi Ramassage
These taxis go on a special route. You share them with other passengers and have to know where you have to change to another taxi to get to your destination. This makes the usage for a traveler a bit difficult. But the prices are low (250 – 300 FCFA per trip)

Taxi course
These taxis transport only one passenger to the destination he wants to go. They charge 2.000 FCFA per hour.

Taxi depot
These taxis bring you to the destination you want to go. But you allow the driver to pick up other passengers on the way. They charge about 1.000 FCFA

1.000 CFA-Franc are about 1,5 EURO or 1.6 US$ (February 2017)

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