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Best Mobile Carrier
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Speed - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Customer Service - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Network Coverage - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Orange Money Service - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Orange Money Security - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Social Projects - 8/10


Our teams welcome and guide you to find the best internet and mobile offer, or the product that best suits your needs.
Come discover and test our mobiles and accessories of the moment.
Finally with Orange Money and secure money transfer from mobile to mobile, Orange simplifies your life.

Our advisers accompany you in your choices and in the grip of your equipment.

Find all the useful information to prepare your visit: the schedules, the access plan of your store, as well as the opening hours.

See you soon.

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The Good

All types of plans

Orange Cameroon serves as one of the leading telephone (network providing company) in Cameroon ….for more than a decades now it has served the purpose for which it was built. A part from offering and satisfying the purpose for which it was built, Orange Cameroon offers additionnal services which highly benefits to the users of it’s services like Orange Money  which is a core to unexpensive money transaction on the cameroon territory.

Orange Cameroun also offers  services like:

Pay for mePAY FOR ME

Pay for Me is an Orange Cameroon service that enables an Orange customer to be charged for the call he/she receives from another Orange customer. As such, with Pay for Me, your family and friends can reach you at all times even when they are out of airtime, if you wish.

Take Ya Own VoiceTake Ya Own Voice

This is an Orange Cameroon service that allows customers to send plenty packages, sms packs and mobile Internet packages to their relatives.

#111# portal#111# portal

#111#, the unique code that gives access to all services and Orange useful information.

Phonebook backupPhonebook backup

This service enables Orange subscribers to back up their SIM phonebook (contacts: names, phone numbers, adresses) on a server and to be able to access it each time upon request.

SOS creditSOS credit

This service gives the possibility to Orange customers to borrow airtime for 100 F, 250 F, 500 F, 1 000 F or 2 000 F from Orange once their main account is below 100 F. This loan is automatically deducted during the next recharge.

Airtime transferAirtime transfer

This service enables you at every moment and from anywhere to transfer a minimum airtime of 100 F to a person of your choice. This service is available for Joker customers.


You can now renew your phone number on selfcare with our CHANSIM offer.

Huge selection of phones

Orange Cameroon also has one of the largest selections of new and refurbished phones out there. With everything from simple flip phones to smartphones to SIM cards, chances are you won’t have any trouble finding a product that you want. Refurbished phones are an excellent option if you don’t have the money to pay for a new phone. And the market is urged from to sellers to small retailers. Your other money-saving option is to bring your old phone and just purchase a SIM card from Orange. If you have a compatible device, this is definitely something worth considering.

    Internet offers and services

Orange Cameroon offers internet services for different social backgrounds and for different durations. The different internet services include:

  • Mobile Internet services

Validity Price (FCFA) Volume USSD Code
day 100 80 Mo #145*2*3*5#
100 50 Mo  #145*2*3*4#
250 125 Mo  #145*2*3*3#
500 300 Mo  #145*2*3*2#
1000 1Go  #145*2*3*1#
3 days 500 250 Mo  #145*2*2*1#
300 175 Mo  #145*2*2*2#
Month (30 days) 2000 600 Mo  #145*2*1*5#
4000 1,5 Go  #145*2*1*4#
8000 4,6 Go  #145*2*1*3#
Night (30 days) 2040 3Go #145*2*1*5#
  • Tarifs des forfaits Giga Data

Giga Data 3 jours (FCFA) Giga Data Semaine(FCFA Giga Data 15 jours (FCFA) Giga Data Mois (FCFA)
1Go/jour 1 200 2650 5250 10 000
2Go/jour 2 550 5600 11250 21500
3Go /jour 4050 8950 18000 34450
4Go/jour 5400 12300 25800 50400
5 Go/jour 6750 15400 32250 63 000

Training, sponsoring and edcation

Lately, Orange has been offering helpful and really adequate training on the digital world. This has led to the increase in users and literate of the digital world and to the insertion of more women to this part of the universe. We can indeed state:

  • The Orange Digital House at Dizangue

Dizangue a sa « Maison digitale Orange »

  • The Orange Numeric school

Ecole Numérique Orange 2018

Talking about sponsoring:

  • Orange Cameroon has offered prices to social entrepreuneurship during the current year of 2018

Prix Orange de l’entrepreneur social 2018

  • Orange Cameroon has organised eSports caravane to reward the e-gamers in cameroon

Orange eSports caravan 2018

  • … ETC

The Bad

  • Orange Cameroon is a company that offers quality services and quality products that leads to alot of pressure on the employees. Sime employees also complain on lack of respect from their superiors.
  • Some disruptions on the network which causes waste of time on the part of regular users of Orange Cameroon services.
  • Alot of technical problems when it concerns Mobile credit charging account and balancing.


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